Experiential Learning (Class VII-VIII)

Experiential learning (Class VII-VIII)

Didactic teaching is the most widely practiced teaching modality all over the world. However, to spot imaginative and analytical brains the best approach will be to use the system of experiential learning or “learning through experimentation”, where observations are made first and reasoned out later. This form of teaching requires that the learner should be actively involved in experiments and should have analytical mind to interpret results and conceptualized the observations.

In this type of educational exercise the participating student has no prior knowledge of the scientific basis of the phenomena he/she is going to study. He/she makes observations first and later provides the interpretations and draws conclusions about the scientific basis of the observed phenomenon. Only those with analytical mind can conceptualize the observation. They are the ‘Out of the box’ thinkers who need to be nurtured.

Features of the Program

Till date academy has conducted 68 workshops on following four different topics, so far 320 non-tribal students and 5252 tribal students were directly benefited by hands on exposure.

  • 1. Study Properties of magnetism, which provides the basis for the experiments with electromagnetism
  • 2. Principle of electromagnetism and its applications
  • 3. Working of solar cell
  • 4. Acid -Base reaction

68 Workshops

320 Non-tribal students

5252 Tribal students