Hands on Technology Workshops for School Children (Class IX)

Hands on technology workshops for school children (Class IX)

One of the major problems of Indian educational system (especially for science subject) is that students hardly get any hands-on experience which becomes a permanent handicap for their future studies and career. The rural sector is worst affected. Previous year, on an experimental basis, a four-day hands-on workshop on science and technology was organized for non-Tribal school children of Pune district.

Total 148 students of class IX participated from various schools in this region. The students were divided initially into four groups and each group was later subdivided into 4 subgroups so the each group has ultimately only two students.

They were given the following experiments
  • 1. Basic in electricity
  • 2. Soil testing
  • 3. Electromagnetism
  • 4. Air velocity by anemometer
  • 5. Air thermometer

4 Workshops

148 students