Mobile Science Fairs (Class IX-XII)

Mobile Science fairs (Class IX-XII)

The main idea of this program, which is in vogue for the last 10 years, is to expose students to current topics in science and technology which are outside the syllabus to enlarge their vision. The participation is entirely voluntary. Further these hands-on workshops are held on Sundays and holiday also. Therefore only those whose wish to acquire knowledge outside their books attend the program which is very popular.

Every year workshops also included the first four topics given above. A special feature of last few and current year program was that students were introduced to last two topics which depict the day-to-day problems faced by rural communities.

From the inception of mobile science fair (2009), total 7891students from 32 schools of nine districts have participated, wherein 5855 were from tribal ashram school (class XI-XII).

Features of the Program

Basically, it’s meant for class X-XII students in rural and tribal schools on topics those are outside the school syllabus. Following are the topics on which workshops have been held regularly.

  • 1. General lab procedures and commonly used equipment
  • 2. Hematology- blood cells and its components
  • 3. Genes and nucleic acids
  • 4. Elements of protein biotechnology
  • 5. Quality testing of village drinking water
  • 6. Analysis of village farm soil
86 Workshops
7891 students